Gratitude #16

Gratitude #16

2019 started off strongly with a cold and some traveling. My workload at the office intensified and I’ve been often exhausted… resulting in flu/colds, migraines and frequent sore throats. On the bright side, I initiated new projects such as home decluttering and video journaling. I am capturing one second each day; you can catch a glimpse of my year so far. Lately, I am grateful for:


1 > Mastermind retreat

Credits: Photography by  Monica Burgess  / Flowers by  Ever Something Event Styling  / Venue,  Spain Ranch

Credits: Photography by Monica Burgess / Flowers by Ever Something Event Styling / Venue, Spain Ranch


In the last three years, I’ve heavily invested in my education. In 2018, I took the Blueprint Model program. For 2019, I decided to enroll in the Editor’s Course and joined my fellow classmates for a mastermind retreat in Spain Ranch in Oklahoma. It was inspiring to spend time with a creative and supportive female entrepreneur community for a few days. It is a breath of fresh air from my daily corporate environment. In addition, Tulsa is a quiet city and I stayed in the cutest Airbnb called the Urbanstead.

Entrance of the Urbanstead

Entrance of the Urbanstead

2 > Celebrating Epiphany


We ate the traditional French “galette des rois” with Maria and she was crowned queen.

3 > Weekend in Paris

Ispahan from Ladurée

Ispahan from Ladurée

We traveled to France and paid a visit to a good friend. The Champs-Élysées were exceptionally empty with the yellow vest movement but we managed to stop by Ladurée for some macarons and pastries.

4 > The Lively TV Show


I am a long-time follower of the Lively Show podcast and had the privilege to attend the first taping of the Lively TV Show in cold and snowy Pittsburgh. Jess’ work is related to intuition and inner voice. If you are interested, you can watch the episodes on her YouTube channel.

5 > Aura


I had my aura photographed for the first time. Each individual has a unique aura that vibrates different energies.

6 > Routine

I successfully established a good exercise routine and attend miyochi, pilates and bungee workout lessons. Occasionally, I add in a yin yoga session in my week.

7 > Art wall


We finally hung our first artwork in our hallway.


1 > Childhood reunion

An unexpected opportunity led to a reunion with my English teacher from primary school. We hadn’t seen each other in 24 years!

2 > Pink bouquet


We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day but B surprised me with this beautiful bouquet. We also watched the Dutch romantic movie Zwaar verliefd, it was on my list for a very long time (because of the cute labrador and lead male character) but I needed some subtitles to follow the story.

3 > Breaking eggs

One morning, I had a meltdown from work pressure. B made me an omelet for breakfast and drove me to the office. We never eat eggs on a weekday, this sweet attention was very special.

4 > New friend

I love going to the movies solo. This month, I had lunch with an acquaintance from a meet-up event in Amsterdam and ended up finding a new movie buddy.

5 > Plan coeur (The Hookup Plan)

plan coeur.jpg

My BFF and cousin recommended me this romantic Parisian Netflix series, I binge-watched in a week and highly recommend it (it’s available with English subtitles).

6 > Picnic at the beach


We were blessed with a warm Sunday in mid-February. We prepared a picnic basket and enjoyed the afternoon at the Wassenaar beach.


1 > Family visit

Windmill of Kinderdijk

Windmill of Kinderdijk

Walking around Gouda

Walking around Gouda

Raspberry tart from the Markethal

Raspberry tart from the Markethal

My cousin and aunt visited me for a long week-end. Although the weather was windy and cold, we did some sightseeing. We spent an afternoon in Delft, saw the windmills in Kinderdijk, had lunch at the Markthal and went shopping in the Hague. We also spent a day in Utrecht and Gouda. I love hosting my family!

2 > Career reading

I had my first cosmic reading because I needed some enlightenment on my career. In this reading, I was exposed to Human Design and learned unexpected yet true things about myself.

3 > International women’s day


More flowers from B to celebrate women.

4 > Day trip


On a windy afternoon, we drove up North. We spent an afternoon in Den Helder and ate some alkmaarse cheese soup. On our way home, we drove through Friesland and Flevoland. The weather was really bad but it was so nice to get some fresh air in the winter.

5 > First blossoms


Every year I keep an eye on my favorite tree, it always blossoms early in the season.

6 > Tinder anniversary


We celebrated our 5th Tinder anniversary, and went out for a bagel lunch date and a burger dinner date. I even baked a scrumptious raspberry chocolate cake for the occasion. It took us three days to eat it and unfortunately, we couldn’t finish it… it was too much for two!


1 > A lot of music

I went to a singing bowl concert in Amsterdam, as usual it is very relaxing and healing. Later in the month, we saw Lake Street Dive perform in Utrecht.

2 > Dessert trip to Roma


By far my favorite business trip of all time! I was lucky enough to spend two days in Rome with chefs for a desserts field research. We explored bakeries, gelaterias and restaurants and ate so much sugar. Here is a peak and my detailed food guide.

3 > Easter in Paris

My brother turned 30 during Easter. We met up in France to celebrate with drinks, dancing, board games and a picnic.

4 > Self-care

Lately, the days have been long at the office. Sleeping in late, going to the movies, practicing yoga and getting a massage have been real privileges that I treasure.

5 > Debt-free

I paid back my last installment of my student loan. I had to get a loan to cover the expensive tuition fees of my master’s degree. Eight years later, I am proud to have paid it back on time and in full! It is such a relief and I am celebrating this freedom. Now, I only have the mortgage left to payback.

7 > Milo’s vet


We found a fantastic veterinarian for Milo. She is much better than our human GP, I am a little jealous of him but so glad that he is in caring competent hands.

Until next time!

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