Gratitude #15

Gratitude #15

It’s hard to believe that this is my first post of 2019, I never planned to go a four-month hiatus… it just happened! Fall went by in a blur and I didn’t fully savor it due to unexpected events in October. November was a fresh start and I enjoyed a short break. I wasn’t particularly in a festive mood in December and B had no vacation days left, so we quietly hibernated at home for the end of 2018.


1 > Blueprint Summit 2018

Blueprint details S Ingram-2.jpg
Church on Main Street

Church on Main Street

Standing on the first row in the middle on Shanna’s right. /  Credits: Photography by    Sarah Ingram

Standing on the first row in the middle on Shanna’s right. / Credits: Photography by Sarah Ingram

I traveled to Chattanooga, TN for a conference on finance for creative female entrepreneurs. This event hosted by Shanna Skidmore was extremely inspiring, the line-up of speakers was incredible: Beth Kirby, Erin Loechner, Emily Thompson, Christina Scalera and more. Networking makes me uncomfortable- due to my introverted nature, but this community is warm and supportive, and I was able to connect with several entrepreneurs. My heart was particularly touched by Erin Loechner. She is such an approachable humble soul and her speech was moving and honest. I posted on Instagram stories some highlights.

2 > Canada

Following my short stay in the US, I flew to Canada to visit my best friend. We spent some quality time together. Some of my favorite moments were: drinking tea / hot apple cider, visiting a feline cafe with Ana and Rod and eating brunch and pho soup.

3 > My first Happy Socks

I finally replaced my damaged socks with my first pairs of Happy Socks. These socks are cheerful and I love gifting them to family and friends. This time, I treated myself during a special sale.

4 > Cutest wallpaper


I fell in love with this phone wallpaper from Monika Hibbs. It couldn’t represent me any better: dark-skinned, hair bun and a striped shirt. Even B agreed that it was “me”. You can download it for free and find other designs on her blog.


1 > Adopting Milo

Milo’s winter afternoon nap

Milo’s winter afternoon nap

The newest addition to our family is Milo. We adopted an adorable cat from an animal shelter.

2 > Indoor skydiving

Thanks to a team building event, I was able to check off this activity from my crazy bucket list. The next day, I woke up with sore muscles but it was worth it! I hope to do the “real thing” outdoor one day.

3 > Energy level

During a mental health check, I had my energy level measured. It is surprisingly high: 86%, which means that I am able to easily recover. According to the health practitioner, I am strongly above the average in my company. The highest she has witnessed was 60%. I must thank self-care (meditation, journaling yoga and miyochi) for that, especially in a work environment that is heavily prone to burn outs.

5 > Concerts

We were lucky to see Postmodern Jukebox perform in concert for the third time, it was my birthday gift to B. As always, they gave an amazing show. We even managed to snag a selfie with one of the musicians.

Lauryn Hill stopped in the Netherlands for the 20th anniversary of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. It is B’s favorite album and we witnessed her live on stage.

6 > Birthday celebration



Waffles, always a must in Belgium!

Waffles, always a must in Belgium!

B took me to Ghent for a birthday weekend. We stayed in a cozy Airbnb, walked in town and went to the winter market. You can catch a glimpse here.

7 > Breda

We drove to Breda on a rainy winter afternoon, walked in town and ate homemade Dutch pea soup. Nothing fancy but joy can be found in the simplest things!

Until next time!

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Thumbnail Credits: Photography by Sarah Ingram / Event by Shanna Skidmore