Gratitude #13

Gratitude #13

August was a creative, productive but also restful month. We had no travel plans and stayed home to catsit Charlie, our friends' cat. This month, I appreciated:

1. A perfect weekend

I enjoyed one the best weekend. It consisted in waking up early, taking it slow in the morning, cleaning our home, eating a copious BLT at Gina's, doing groceries, going on a movie date with B, baking, hosting friends and writing. There is nothing special about these activities, I simply savored the balance of slowness vs. productivity and truly felt accomplished and contented on Sunday evening.

2. Some screen time

B and I went out on a couple movie dates. We did a Mission Impossible marathon and we watched Crazy Rich Asians (my favorite movie of the year so far).

3. A lot of baking

I baked 50+ cupcakes and 60+ cookies for a birthday party. The theme was "tutti frutti". It was a lot work (approx. 2.5 days) but very fun! You can catch some behind-the-scenes here.


B celebrate his 8th work anniversary and asked me to bake something for the occasion. I made this heart-shaped strawberry cake. It has two layers of strawberry sponge cake and some strawberry frosting. You can find the recipe here.


4. Five years in the Netherlands


I officially moved to the Netherlands on August 30, 2013 . To celebrate this 5th anniversary, I treated myself to a pedicure, some macarons and pink champagne.

5. Flying

About a year ago, I wanted to try a bungee workout. A studio recently opened a class in the Hague and I finally tried. It is a fun activity! It seems easy but it is a real cardio workout.

6. A relaxing night routine

Lately, I've been falling asleep to a story from the Modern Love Podcast. There are many beautiful true stories of love in all shapes.

7. Visiting Den Bosch


We spent an afternoon in Den Bosch. The South has a charming vibe: the architecture, the food and the people are lovely and laidback. We grabbed some lunch at Côte and walked around town.


8. Cuddles with Charlie

A few of my favorite pictures of her. We loved spending time with her this summer and miss her a lot.

Hope you had a lovely month, until next time!

Ps: You can find last month's installment here.

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