Read, Listen & Watch #2

Read, Listen & Watch #2

Welcome to the second installment of Read, Listen & Watch. I came across a bunch of interesting reads and videos this spring, let me know how you find them!



Maron 5 ft. Cardi B - Girls like you

Identifying the guests is a game of its own.



Peter Bence - Africa

Yes, another cover of Africa... but with the best instrumental arrangement!


Marie Forleo on having kids

Wise and non-judgemental advice to figure out if kids are for you or not.


What I Learned from Creating (Almost) Zero Trash for a Week

This online journal is eye-opening and inspired me to become more mindful about packaging and waste.

How to recognize a dystopia?

What makes a good life? - Robert Waldinger

The answer is pretty simple.

Why are babies fat?

Baby fat is so cute, is it even healthy?

The 77 year old ballet dancer

She teaches us that anything is possible, only our mind is limiting us. Never give up on your passion!

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