Gratitude #11

Gratitude #11

May always feels like a short month in Europe, thanks to the many bank holidays! To top it off, we had incredibly beautiful weather in the Netherlands, which brought us good energy and joy during the long weekends. I am thankful for:

More Light

Bolia lamp

Remember the lamps that we bought back in October? They are finally hanging in our dining room. Our kind friend Ger helped B install them. Thank you Ger!

My First Miffy (Nijntje)

Maria gave me a Miffy peluche dressed just like her: a KLM crew member. I love Nijntje, thank you so much Maria!

Nijntje Miffy

Rockin’ At Pilates

It has been a great workout month, I noticed some improvement and changes in my body. I can now straighten my legs for most postures, and I can touch my toes or the floor when I am well warmed-up. Progress over perfection!

Turning the Summer Mode On

The warmer temperature is an invitation to laze in the long evenings, go out on ice cream dates and spend time outdoors. Wearing shorts, dresses and sleeveless shirts has been liberating. I finally sorted my fall/winter clothing and switched to a brighter wardrobe. As usual, there is an explosion of pink and pastels in my closet around this time of year and I’ve received some friendly compliments about my spring color palette.

Summer Day Trips

We officially kicked-off the road trip season with a visit to the hidden village in Vierhouten. On Pentecost, we saw the Keukenhof castle in Lisse and stopped by the Voorschoten castle.

Childhood Memories

I had tea with my 3rd grade teacher and her daughter. They were in Rotterdam for a few days and we spontaneously met one early morning before work. I hadn’t seen them in five years, and it’s such a joy to catch-up on life. I am so grateful for being offered random opportunities to meet again people from my past whom I’ve met on another continent. It reminds me how small our world is.

Teenage Memories

Not mine but B's. He stumbled upon a DVD recording of his high school musical show and we watched it together. We didn’t know each other back in the days so it was fascinating to see a younger version of him. He was highly critical of himself but I found him very talented: he played piano and sang really well –  and still does today!

Chai Lattes

I have a new self-care ritual: once a week, I grab a chai latte before heading to the office.

Four Shades of Pink

From left to right: vanilla, rose, strawberry and raspberry.

From left to right: vanilla, rose, strawberry and raspberry.

I bought these pretty macarons from Petit Gateau at the Foodhallen.

You Got It Dude!

B and I are obsessed with Full House. The Tanner kids are the cutest (especially Michelle) and this show was my favorite back in the 90’s. We can’t help repeating to each other “cut it out!”, “how rude” and “you got it dude”. 



Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry Clafoutis