Gratitude #10

Gratitude #10

Oops! A third of the year has already gone by and I have seriously neglected the Gratitude series. But I have a good excuse: we were on holidays in February, frequently away in March and socially active in April. I don't know about you but I am really enjoying 2018 so far!


Starry Journal


My friend Lauraine gave me this pretty notebook for my birthday. I use it to journal my daily gratitude.

Playing Like Children

My colleagues and I solved an escape room (or at least we tried to solve it) and played a dynamic laser game. I was a "camper" protecting my buddy Diana. Later in the evening, I discovered that camping is a strategy often used by gamers. I feel proud!

Positive Feedback

I loved reading your comments and feedback on the blog anniversary post. Thank you for your positive response!

Cinema Marathon

I always dreamed of doing a cinema marathon and it finally happened when the last installment of the "Maze Runner" was released in theaters. Spending several hours in a room with strangers is surprisingly not that bad! Time flew by quickly, there were breaks and entertainment in-between. I also realized that I like dystopian fiction, Hunger Games is on top of my list.


Canadian Holidays

B and Maria in Lynn Canyon Park

B and Maria in Lynn Canyon Park

We had such a great time visiting our friends in Canada. We flew to British Columbia with Maria and spent a few days with her exploring nature. Then, our Brazilo-Canadian friends Thomas and Mariela warmly hosted us in Vancouver for a week. Mariela is the loveliest person and a true Vancouverite, she showed us around local city spots with her adorable toddler Elena. We then flew to the East coast to visit my stepsister Magali in Montreal. Last but not least, we attended my best friend's beautiful wedding in a small Quebecois village. A lot of fun and joy this winter!

Meeting Tessa, Erin & Roberto

From left to right: Roberto, me, Erin and Tessa.

From left to right: Roberto, me, Erin and Tessa.

I have been following Tessa from the Sweet Bake Shop for some time. She hosted a special Valentine's Pop-up event at Nordstrom, and it coincidentally matched with our travel dates. We dropped by for some delicious cookies, cupcakes and macarons (they taste as good IRL as they look on her Instagram). We also chatted with her, Erin from Sparkle Media and her husband Roberto (whom I also followed), and they are such a fun crowd! Extremely approachable, nice and relatable. Meeting and connecting face-to-face with people that I admired for so long was surreal and exciting!

Tessa's cookies are the sweetest!

Tessa's cookies are the sweetest!


Swedish Weekend

Hot cocoa stop in Gamla Stan with Maria and Anders

Hot cocoa stop in Gamla Stan with Maria and Anders

Returning home after almost a month of travel is not the easiest, luckily we had another trip planned with our Norwegian friends Maria and Anders. We met up in Stockholm for a chilly long weekend and explored the city. Our favorite moment: pretending we were ABBA (brunette version)!

Saying Goodbye

We managed to organize a short-notice family reunion before my brother's move to London and my parents final move to Madagascar. I was dreading this "farewell" but luckily, I was prepared for it and we did our best to visit them as frequently as possible in the last years.

Manifesting Crystals


Lately, I have been reading about crystals. Each crystal has healing properties and transmits some energy. I was looking for rose quartz (for love) and amethyst (for protection/balance) stones, and found some in a small shop in Stockholm and at a market in Amsterdam, what a manifestation!

Singing Bowls

I attended for the second time a singing bowl concert at the Duif in Amsterdam. The vibrations from the bowls emit a frequency that is healing... it is magical, literally!

Macarons 101


I joined a macaron workshop at the French patisserie Petit Gateau in Amsterdam. We made chocolate, raspberry and pistachio macarons under the supervision of our teacher Meike, the owner and chef patissiere of the bakery. She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and talented. Plus, she speaks fluently French and English. Meike is inspiring and generous! I can't wait to sign-up for her tartelettes workshop.


A Low-key King's Day

This year, I celebrated King's Night (April 26) with Lauraine and Duncan. We went out in the Hague to enjoy some music. On King's Day, I watched I Feel Pretty  I highly recommend this feel-good movie, and laughed my heart out. Then, I treated myself with some fresh cotton candy.

Flower Mania

I took several pictures of blossoming trees and tulips. Spring is charming this year!


Hopefully I won't wait another four months to write the next Gratitude installment!

Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry Clafoutis

Spring Fun List

Spring Fun List