Read, Listen & Watch #1

Read, Listen & Watch #1

I am happy to introduce a new series: Read, Listen & Watch. There are many videos, songs, and articles that I frequently pin or save, and I decided to share them with you instead of letting them pile up. If you also come across some inspiring online content, please feel free to share it with me, I’d be happy to publish them!



Where Is My Mind? - Scott Bradlee

A beautiful interpretation by the founder of Postmodern Jukebox. At 1"23', the pace picks up and he gives it a vintage twist.


Nocturne in A Minor - Chad Lawson

Hit play and close your eyes, you will feel transported. This piano piece is pure beauty.


Je suis comme toi -  Antsa & Mendrika

These two Madagascan sisters can sing, play piano and guitar… So much talent! And they are chasing their dream at such a young age. This is their first production.


Échame La Culpa -  Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato

This tropical song will make you dance. Bonus: Demi Lovato is singing in Spanish.


Perfect - Ed Sheeran

Totally cliché but Ed Sheeran’s latest song is perfect.


The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

An upbeat soundtrack with a catchy theme song. It is better than the movie itself!


Soul of a dancer - Edwin Rivera

The perfect instrumental playlist for dancers of salsa, cha cha, hip-hop, latin house, hustle and R&B. Salsa dancers like me will enjoy "Beautiful" and "Cuando Yo Te Vi'"


A Paris / NYC Romance

Beautiful promo for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theather troup. This modern dance choreography was shot in Montmartre and New York

Flying on ice

They chose the right song for this light and touching performance. They made it seem so easy.

Men pole-dancing

This discipline is not restrained to women. These performers prove it to us and are masculine.

Tips to survive the Dutch weather

Even if you don't live in the Netherlands, have a look! It's hilarious. Very good insight about the Dutch culture.

Gaspard G on French Education (in French only)

This eloquent French Youtuber is based in Montreal and has studied in several school systems. His speech about the French education system hit home for me. I’m glad to have found a voice that points out exactly my opinion on the matter.

François Gabart on passion (in French only)

He sailed solo across the World and broke the latest record with 42 days, 16 hours and 40 minutes. This video shares his experience, struggles and most importantly, his passion.

French, a sexist language (in French only)

People love the French language around the world, but few realize how sexist this language his. As a feminist, I hope that this will change.

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