Winter Fun List

Winter Fun List

Edited on June 18, 2018

We will travel to two polar destinations in the upcoming months, which is ideal for winter activities. I am so excited to return to Canada in February and to discover Sweden in March with our Norwegian friends – our first leisure trip in a while. On my seasonal bucket list:

1. Hit the ski slopes

Cypress Mountain
Cypress Mountain

We went to Cypress Mountain, approximately 30 minutes away from Vancouver, BC. We skied on a weekday to avoid the crowd. There were enough green slopes for me to enjoy and we had a lot of fresh snow!

2. Visit a local market

Granville Island Public Market

I am in love with the Granville Public Market, an indoor market in Vancouver. We found fresh food stands, breweries and little arts & crafts shops. We hopped on a water taxi to access the Granville island.

3. Eat a proper Canadian brunch (I miss real maple syrup, pancakes and Canadian bacon)

Canadian Brunch

Canadians master the art of brunches. We had so many of them, this one was my favorite: eggs with a homemade scone and chicken gravy. Yum!

4. Eat fresh tire à la neige (maple taffy), if the "temps des sucres" (maple syrup season) shows up on time 

We were too early and left Canada just before the start of the season.

5. Do an outdoor activity: sliding, snowshoeing, hiking, ice skating or other

British Columbia

We frequently hiked. British Columbia has many beautiful spots to offer, it is a must for lovers of nature.

6. Take a walk in Stanley Park

Stanley Park

We only did a small portion of the park, it would take a few hours to walk through the entire park. This is the beautiful Lost Lagoon.

7. Check out some Scandinavian design spots: nice little café, shops, etc.

Done! I published this post about food spots to check out in Stockholm.

8. Bonus: go to a sugar shack or go to a spa

This one is a miss, we didn't have enough time to visit a spa.

There are a few culinary-related items on this list but there is nothing better than comfort food during hibernation! Frankly, I am eager for spring and I am hoping that when we come back to Europe the temperatures will be mild.

If ever you are curious, I updated my 2017 Fall Fun List to share with you my progress.

Stay warm this season!

One Year

One Year

Ciao 2017, Hello 2018!

Ciao 2017, Hello 2018!