Gratitude #8

Gratitude #8

Chasing time… this has been my reality in the last weeks. I couldn’t find the time to sit down and write in October between my family’s visit, baking, socializing, traveling, events and a heavier workload at the office. When my agenda is packed, I use any free minute that I have to rest and refuel... at the cost of maintaining consistency for the blog! This choice allows me to remain sane. The last two months have been fulfilling and I am thankful for:


Returning to Pilates

I signed-up for a summer Dutch course, which unfortunately fell on the same day as my weekly pilates class. When I returned to class after 2-3 months of absence, my body was sore for a few days. I do not enjoy “suffering” during the workout, but I do love feeling invigorated afterwards. Plus, my classmates and teacher are lovely! It’s a fun crowd to hang out with so I am happy to be back in class.

Tackling a Big Monster

Organizing our miscellaneous closet has been on my to-do list since May. We bought many storage boxes at IKEA and I sorted our home decoration, party accessories and kitchenware. I invested in various baking material in the last months, and our kitchen was overflowing with bakeware, I finally found a storage system.

Going Down Memory Lane

You can tell by the looks that we were 90's kids.

You can tell by the looks that we were 90's kids.

I also organized my childhood photos. There were many of them, we now have one storage cabinet full of pictures. It was fun to reminisce on memories, but it was also emotionally-draining.

First Raclette of the Season

I often ask my family to bring us some raclette cheese because it is cheaper in France. We had our first raclette of the season together.

Readers' Comments

Some readers sent me kind and encouraging notes. This blog is virtual and sometimes feel like a lonely place. Thank you for your comments; it hasn't gone unnoticed, and you made my day!



We have a friendly yellow cat in the neighborhood. I do not know his name, hence I decided to call him Garfield due to his orange and yellow fur. He is extroverted and loves people. One afternoon, he was craving for attention and followed me home. 

Our Housewarming

Our invitation and thank you card were inspired from my blog post " T  he Meaning of Home "

Our invitation and thank you card were inspired from my blog post "The Meaning of Home"

On September 30, we hosted our housewarming. It required a LOT of preparation, and I baked for two days in a row, but it was totally worth it! We felt extremely blessed to share this precious moment with our friends and family. Special thanks to my parents and my brother for lending us a hand with the prep!

Song: No Roots

We discovered this song in Germany and I fully resonate with the lyrics. When you have a mixed background and life experience, you have no roots. This piece was written for me.


Family Time

Cutting Halloween cookies with my stepmom

Cutting Halloween cookies with my stepmom

My parents and brother stayed over for a few days after our housewarming. We were able to rest, take walks, play board games and bake cookies.

Inner Peace Conference

My yoga studio hosts an annual yoga and mindfulness conference. Linda and I attended it for the first time. There were many interesting talks about purpose, healing, self-love, etc. My favorite activity was the singing bowl concert in the Amstelkerk. We were laying down on our mats during the performance, it was quite a unique experience of awareness. The acoustic in the church was incredible and I could feel my body vibrate to the frequency of the instruments.

Matching Stripes – Part 2

His favorite activity: turning the pages!

His favorite activity: turning the pages!

I made a quick stop in London and met once again my little friend, we keep on matching. This time only stripes, no stars!

Mild Temperature

We had exceptionally warm temperature in October, it definitely compensated for the terrible month of September.

A Lot of Baking

Red velvet cupcakes for our housewarming

Red velvet cupcakes for our housewarming

Cupcakes, birthday cake, crumbles… I baked a lot this month until the wee hours. It was extremely rewarding to see people enjoy these goodies!

Happy Dot Napkin


I once had a rough day and B surprised me these cute napkins. One can never go wrong with pastel polka dots!

Early Birthday Gift


My birthday is not until mid-December but B gave me my present early: front row ticket to the La La Land concert. We both love the soundtrack and it was really special to hear the live orchestra.

Power Song: Thunder

This upbeat piece puts me in a good mood. I recently discovered the meaning of it: the lead singer explains how he dared to dream for something greater. This power song inspires me to dream as well.

Goofing Around

I share my life with a goofball who likes to take the most hilarious selfies and play with Snapchat filters. I completely forgot about this picture, we were trying to take a "selfie" with a reflex camera which, I hear you, doesn't make any sense... When I exported it from my memory card, it made me smile.

That’s all for now!

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