Summer Fun List

Summer Fun List

Edited on November 12, 2017.

This evening will mark the beginning of my summer vacation and I very much look forward to this break. One of my 2017 resolutions is to have more fun. Sometimes, I get so caught up with adult life that I forget my inner child. I need a reminder to take it easy. This summer, I will:

1. Make homemade ice cream or sorbet

I tried Nigella Lawson's strawberry ice cream recipe for the first time. It tastes full and it has a rich creamy texture. My only watchout would be the yield, it serves a copious quantity of ice cream... suitable for a large group but not for a household of two!

We made two of these with this recipe!

We made two of these with this recipe!

2. Spend time with my family: we are planning some long weekends together

We went to France this summer and my family also visited us in the Netherlands. You can read more about it my gratitude posts here and here.

3. Organize a housewarming: a self-imposed deadline might be the only way for me to finish unpacking the last boxes

Technically, it took place in the fall (on Sept 30) but the invites were sent out in early September. Does this count? 

4. Send thank you notes to my mentor/coaches/educators who have helped me throughout my career

Didn't get to it yet, so I'll postpone this for the holidays!

5. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator

Mmmm... not proud of myself, I haven't made any progress on this so far.

6. Go on day trips

We went to Hoek van Holland, London, Bristol, Zeeland and Kastel de Haar.

7. Eat some watermelon

For some reason, there wasn't much watermelon available in the Netherlands this year. Perhaps a bad crop or issues with importation?

8. Leave the office early on sunny and warm days: these are so rare in the Netherlands, they are worth prioritizing

Considering we didn't have a good summer, these days were extremely rare but we did go out for drinks or dinner at the beach.

9. Relax and have "do nothing" days: just be

100% success. I am an expert at this!

10. Try a bungee workout: I stumbled upon this video on Facebook and really want to "fly"

My friend Majken and I registered and paid for a class but the school's online system bugged and the class was full so our reservation got cancelled.

Do you have any special plans for this summer? Do take the time to enjoy and unwind!



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