Gratitude #5

Gratitude #5

I love May for its long weekends and its good weather. The beautiful days put me in an early vacation mood and make me want to slow down and start fresh. This month, I am grateful for:

Solo Staycation

I took a much-needed week off. It was my first break since the Christmas holidays and I was quite exhausted from work and our home move. My intention for this solo staycation was to write and work on personal projects but I ended up doing none of these. Instead, I spring-cleaned my wardrobe, watched movies, visited friends and read. My body was telling me to rest from the intense quarter and I listened to it.

Spring Refresh

My spring uniform from  J. Crew

My spring uniform from J. Crew

When the nice days approach, I get excited about pretty dresses and pastel colors so I switched my wardrobe to Spring/Summer clothing. I also ordered online new items and went slightly overboard with pink and stripes – I blame it on the sales code from J. Crew's newsletter.

POM Scarves

The brand POM makes the best handmade scarves with fun designs. They hosted a special sale with unique pieces produced from leftover materials. I went to Amsterdam to stock up for the upcoming winter and extend my collection.

Hugo Couch

#fail. The corner should be on the opposite side. Oh, and let's pretend there is no mess on the right ;-)

#fail. The corner should be on the opposite side. Oh, and let's pretend there is no mess on the right ;-)

Our new couch was finally delivered. We sold our old one before the move and were couch-less for two months. It made me realize how central this piece of furniture was in my life. About 50% of my time at home revolves around it; it is the place where I read, watch TV, relax and welcome guests. After such a long wait, we couldn't wait to sit on a comfortable sofa... except that the salesperson ordered a couch with the wrong corner! The chaise longue was not on the correct side. The store re-ordered a new one and we now have to wait for an additional 10 weeks. At least we can keep the couch until the new one arrives!

Furniture Hunting

We spent many weekends in home stores. Home decoration is not my strength and I did not expect such a tiring process. You need to identify your style, visit many stores, verify the measurements, compare different models and compromise with your partner. Luckily, we both love Scandinavian design. Our current favorite store to visit is Bolia. This month, we splurged on a new dining table, a coffee table and a TV stand... and now, our wallets need a break!

Modern Family

Source:  IMDB

Source: IMDB

As Phil Dunphy always says: Y-Hello! It is my favorite comedy show after Friends. Season 7 has been released on Netflix and we are binge-watching it. I adore this funny charming family. Each character has something relatable, they remind me a little of my own family.

Family Time

On that same subject, we drove to France to visit my parents for the Ascension weekend and had so much fun. The initial objective was to collect my childhood belongings and some family albums but we were also able to celebrate Mother's day (it's always the last Sunday of May in France), spend time with my larger family, enjoy drinks in Paris and melt under the 35 °C sun. My parents live 70km away from Paris and we drove through the countryside, which is an enjoyable sight. Bonus: we brought back wine, cheese and saucisson.

Food Trek

Each year, I look forward to the food truck festivals. We dropped by the Food Trek in Rotterdam on a Sunday night. I stuffed myself with a hot dog, tortillas and a salted caramel crepe and most importantly, some rosé! It was a perfect warm evening. There was nice music and I also enjoyed dancing on silent disco. I already booked my September weekend for the Trek in the Hague.

For those who live outside of the Netherlands, this video will give you a feel of it.

Hoek van Holland

Scheveningen is closer to us so it's our go-to beach but we decided to try Hoek van Holland for a change. This beach is much 'smaller' than I expected but it is a fine location for some fresh air. The beach season has just begun and I want to visit more of them.

Sandal Days



+20 C = sandals. Need I say more? I was happy to free my toes from my boots!


The best days are yet to come, I wish you a wonderful month of June!

ps: in case you are curious about the previous Gratitude posts, you can read them here: April, March and February.

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