Gratitude #4

Gratitude #4

I can't believe May is already here! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to bake this month. I was often out of town and the long holiday weekends were dedicated to friends/family time and rest. In addition, we are slowly settling in our new neighborhood and enjoying spring. April was the perfect month to reconnect and be present:

Pastel Tea Cups

Gold and pastel cups from  Urban Nature Culture Amsterdam

Gold and pastel cups from Urban Nature Culture Amsterdam

I stumbled upon these pretty pastel tea cups in Delft. The gold handles caught my attention, I couldn't resist. 

New Read: The Simple Things

The Simple Things  - April 2017 issue

The Simple Things - April 2017 issue

I randomly discovered a lovely British magazine: The Simple Things. The content and creative direction are refreshing. It is not focused on trends, fashion and consumption, but on simple living and wellness – a philosophy that I fully embrace.

Silent Retreat


I followed an 8-week mindfulness course. A silent retreat was included in the program; it lasted five hours and went by quickly. We practiced some meditation exercises, ate in silence and went out for a solo walk. It was a soothing experience and I would definitely do it again for a longer period of time. It is unusual be alone with yourself without any distraction, yet very peaceful.

Taking a Bath

My last bath goes back to the early 00's. When we visited B's grandmother for Easter, I had the opportunity to take one so I seized it. I was so used to showers that I had forgotten how relaxing baths could be.

Late Snow Shower

On our drive home, we came across a flurry in the middle of the Thüringen forest. It was cold and unexpected. Not my cup of tea! Contrarily, B was happy to drive through snow even though our car was not equipped with winter tires.

Girls' Weekend

Vanilla Saint-Honoré from  Méert   

Vanilla Saint-Honoré from Méert  

I had a reunion in Lille with my girlfriends Laura and Clélia from grad school. We had typical Flanders weather; it was grayish and wet but it didn't stop us from wandering in the old town, visiting the Palais des Beaux Arts and eating heavy food in an "estaminet". When in Lille, I also make sure to stop by Méert for a pâtisserie. This bakery is famous for its vanilla waffles... I chose this delicious Saint-Honoré instead.

Day Trips, Friends & Ice Cream



Flowery fountain in Amsterdam

Flowery fountain in Amsterdam

Triple ice cream on King's Day: salted caramel, strawberry and mango.

Triple ice cream on King's Day: salted caramel, strawberry and mango.

My friends Ana and Rod paid us a visit for the King's Day weekend. During their stay, we did some sightseeing. We partied in Den Haag for King's Night and in Amsterdam for King's Day. We had day trips in Delft, Lisse and Haarlem. It's fun to play tourist in your home country once in a while. We also ate a LOT of ice cream – I might have overdosed!


After sleeping 2.5 weeks on an inflatable bed, we couldn't be more excited when our new bed was delivered. It is the comfiest bed I have ever owned. Each side is customized for the sleeper, I have a 'soft' mattress adapted for my body. Ever since, the quality of my sleep has improved drastically, I do not have any back pain and I dream more often.

First Flowers

This is the first bouquet we bought for our new home. Isn't it gorgeous?

Meeting New Neighbors

This little one ran to B for cuddles. B was telling the cat to look at me. I was in the living room by the window.

This little one ran to B for cuddles. B was telling the cat to look at me. I was in the living room by the window.

I always greet people in our street but I've officially only met one human neighbor. The majority of the neighbors I have met so far happen to be feline! There are many cats in this area, they relax in front of our door or come to us for a caress. Like any great hostess, I am warm and welcoming; I look out for them from my living room window, I pet them or pour them a little bowl of milk when possible. Two of them came inside our home for a quick tour before running out the front door. They have owners so I can't adopt them but I make sure to act friendly.

The Beauty and The Beast

After our move, we were eager to relax and unwind. We found time to go out for an Italian dinner and a movie. We watched The Beauty & the Beast. I was positively surprised by Emma Watson's voice, she can sing well! Although it is very similar to the animated movie, the adaptation is good and there are new scenes and new songs.


I was distant from the blog this month only to appreciate quality time and the outdoors. I hope you also had the chance to do the same!

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A Day Trip to Lisse

A Day Trip to Lisse

Afternoon Tea Mini Madeleines

Afternoon Tea Mini Madeleines