Gratitude #3

Gratitude #3

Welcome back to this month's installment of Gratitude! Yes my Friends, I am still alive... There hasn't been much activity lately because we moved to a new home. Our internet connection is finally running at home since Friday so I am able to dive back into the blog. March was a busy month filled with a lot of goodness!

My Favorite Tree

Each spring, I keep an eye on this tree located in a small park in the Hague. It is particularly pretty when it is fully covered with white flowers. Last year, I missed the blossoms and was extremely disappointed to see it turn green. Luckily, this year it bloomed during the week of our move so I was able to appreciate it. It's all about timing!

First Outdoor Lunch

Mother Nature keeps on blessing us with sunny days. I had my first lunch in the sun in mid-March. Feeling the warm sun on my skin was pure joy and I look forward to the warmer days.

Support From Our Loved Ones

We moved to a new place on April 1st. My father took a week of vacation to help us paint our new home and pack our boxes. Our families and friends helped us move everything. It was an overwhelming process and we would have never made our deadline without them. We are extremely grateful for their generosity. There were a lot of heavy lifting and sweat but the worst is behind us. We can now focus on settling in.

Pink Wall

Talking about paint, B agreed (after months of begging) to paint one of our walls in pink blush. I have been gently teased by family and friends for this creative idea. They all questioned my taste but he finally caved in. We initially planned to paint the wall of our dining room in this color but changed our mind. Instead, we applied pink on the staircase wall leading to our bedroom. This is my favorite spot of the house so far, it looks peaceful. And guess what? Both my father and B admitted that it looked nice and elegant! 

Demain tout commence and La La Land

During the first half of the month, we went a couple of times to the movies. I highly recommend the French movie: Demain tout commence. It is a touching story about a father raising his daughter on his own. You will laugh and you will cry but the plot is beautiful and unexpected!

We finally watched La La Land. After two hours of singing and dancing, I was almost depressed by the final scenes. However, it is a nice musical and I listen to the soundtrack once in a while. The opening song Another day of sun always puts me in a good mood.


I am a late bloomer when it comes to TV shows because I hate waiting for new episodes to air. We started watching Suits and I am obsessed. The good news is that B wants to marry Meghan Markle (I don't blame him, she is gorgeous!) and I am in love with Patrick J. Adams, so we are even! Asides from our celebrity crushes, I am fond of the storyline although it is very intellectual.

Postmodern Jukebox Concert

The band played in Amsterdam and their concert was amazing as usual. The jazz arrangements were excellent and the host had a great sense of humor. Very often, their cover songs are better than the originals. The entire cast is extremely talented but we were particularly impressed by Haley Reinhart. Luckily for us, she was on stage this year. She sang Creep and her performance was breathtaking. I usually never buy concert merchandise (overly commercial) but the music was so good that I came home with a souvenir baseball tee.

The Afterlove

I've been a long-time fan of James Blunt and I attend his concerts whenever possible, even if I have to go alone. He released a new album this month and I'm psyched.

Big Month for B

March was filled with many milestones for B: new job, new car and new home. It is so rare to have so much all at once but this is the outcome of months of work and patience. It all came down together at the same time and I am so proud and happy for him. He is a hardworking person and deserves the best!

That's a wrap for March! You can always read the previous installments of February and January, until then have a good week!

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