Travel Wish List

Travel Wish List

Traveling has been in my DNA since the age of six (thanks Mom & Dad) and it brings me joy and contentment. Due to other financial priorities, we haven't traveled much in the last two years – asides from family visits in our respective home countries. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean one should stop dreaming. Recently, many colleagues have been away for the winter break. It inspired me to build my list of dream travel experiences:

1. Lay on a beach in the Caribbean

Club Med Turks & Caicos - 2013

Club Med Turks & Caicos - 2013

I am so grateful for my past trips to Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas. These places were paradisiac and I can't wait to return there. Some of the most beautiful beaches are in this area and I dream of visiting more islands of the Caribbean Sea!

2. Hike the Inca Trail

Credits:  Gal Meets Glam

My friend Ana told me how magical and breathtaking the Machu Picchu is. She warned me that the journey is long and physical, especially in altitude, but totally worth it!

3. Hug a panda in Chengdu

I cultivate an obsession for panda videos. And yes, I follow actively Facebook pages dedicated to them. I visited China a few times but never went to Chengdu. Next time, I'll make a stop to meet these adorable creatures and perhaps, with a little luck, hug one of them.

4. Wander through the cherry blossom trees in Japan

This is my ideal spring trip because pink trees are my fantasy. I have seen the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. but I am certain that it is nothing compared to the blossoms in Kyoto. I am also curious about the local culture and the tea ritual.

5. Get lost on a Greek island

Credits:  Anna with love

I would be happy to visit any Greek island but Santorini seems particularly gorgeous. The intense color of the Mediterranean Sea is mesmerizing.

6. Dance in the streets of Cuba

I love Cuban music and percussions transport me. Hopefully I'll get to experience live music and social street dancing some day. For salsa dancers like me, it is a pilgrimage.

7. Go on a safari in Kenya

Credits:  Hello Emilie

Credits: Hello Emilie

There is something peaceful about observing animals wild and free in their habitat. It makes us feel small.

8. Sleep in a castle in Scotland

Source:  Visit Scotland

And if I have the guts: sleep in a haunted castle! I also want to visit the Scottish Highlands.

9. Ride The Orient Express

I would love to cross Europe by train. On that same note, I also dream of crossing Canada from coast to coast by train.

10. Set foot in Oceania

Whether it will be Australia, New Zealand, Fiji or another land, I hope to discover one day this faraway region of the World. It would make my 10-year-old self proud to visit a new continent.

Now tell me, what is on your travel to-do list? Which land do you dream of visiting? What is your dream travel experience? 


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