Gratitude #2

Gratitude #2

February is generally my darkest month of the year because I am sun-deprived and depressed. Surprisingly, 2017 has been an exception. The workload at the office was heavier than usual and my weekends were full, I didn't have a minute to feel bored. These are some of the little things that brought me joy this month:

Cultivating Love

This tree came back from the dead. For a very long time, it was lifeless and had one dry leaf hanging. I do not have a green thumb so I wanted to get rid of it, until I discovered it had a sentimental value. This plant belonged to the late grandmother of one B's best friends. He recently started watering it and giving it love. Strong vibrant leaves have grown since then. The lesson? It is never too late! When you plant a seed and nurture it, it will grow. It takes patience, love and strength.

Canal House Scarf

Last year, I discovered the Dutch brand: Pom. They make beautiful quality shawls shaped in a non-symmetrical triangle. I spotted this canal house print at the beginning of the season and patiently waited for the winter sales to purchase my own.

The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide

A few years ago, I tried Kayla Itsine's program "Sweat with Kayla" and failed twice miserably. It is intensive and requires real commitment every day. I gave up after two weeks. Nonetheless, Kayla recently launched a recipe book. We tried a couple of her recipes and found them delicious. Kayla encourages a nutritious yet realistic healthy diet, which means that carbs are welcome in a moderate quantity. Yay! Our current favorite is the beef stir-fry with veggies and rice.

Crackers & Syrup

These salty crackers are perfect for a cheese plate but so addictive. I finished half of the pack in an evening, oops! I am also in love with this white peach syrup by Monin. I use it to flavor my water... it gives me an early taste of summer!

Forrest Gump

During the Oscars season, our theater screens old classic blockbusters. We spent one Saturday afternoon watching Forrest Gump – his favorite movie.

Brooklyn Duo

This classical cover of A-Ha's Take on me is energetic and beautiful.

Snow Days

No, I don't like them at all (that's what you get after living seven years in Canada) but B loves them. When the flakes fell earlier this month, he was happy like a little boy on the morning of Christmas Day... It was a joyful scene to watch!

Extra Time

One of B's coworker passed away this month. He went to bed one night and never woke up the next day. My thoughts are with his family; it is painful to lose and survive a loved one. I did not know this man but this event is a reminder that death is real. Whether we like it or not, it will happen to us and to our family/friends someday. Today, we have been given extra time and this should not be taken for granted. So appreciate this gift my Friend and make it worthwhile!


On a brighter note, we must keep on living, loving, laughing and dancing. If you need inspiration, watch this video. These kids are so full of life and their joy is extremely contagious.

And if it's not enough, watch this cute bunny:

That's all for this month, I wish you a lively and joyful March! 

How was your February? What made it special?

ps: In case you missed the January installment, you can find it here.

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