12 Movies for the Romantic Soul

12 Movies for the Romantic Soul

Back in Canada, my best friend was my movie partner in crime. We were single for the majority of our 20s and were unashamedly binging on chick flicks, especially around Valentine's Day. Although we no longer live on the same continent, I continue this tradition solo at home or at the theater.

This is my 2017 Valentine's Day movie list:

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1. The Proposal: An ambitious Canadian workaholic fakes a marriage with her American subordinate to avoid deportation from the U.S. This scene is hilarious:

2. Bridget Jones's Diary: Bridget is your average single girl and she is ready to take on the world!

3. Sixteen Candles: A fun 80's teen comedy. Poor Samantha is spending a disastrous 16th birthday.


4. The Painted Veil: Edward Norton is a talented actor but we rarely see him play in romantic dramas. The plot is set in the 20's in rural China. Norton plays a charming expat doctor married to an unfaithful wife.

5. Pride & Prejudice: Jane Austen's classic. The landscapes are breathtaking, the score is beautiful and the cast is talented. 

6. Beyond Borders: Sarah is a brave humanitarian who follows her true love through hardships across the world.

7. One Day: This tale shows us that it takes the right place and the right time to be with the right person.

8. Something Borrowed: Based on Emily Giffin's novel. Rachel is in love with her best friend's fiancé. She must choose between honoring her friendship or following her heart. The book is better than the movie but Ginnifer Goodwin's performance is touching.


9. Love Me If You Dare (Jeux d'enfants): Playful French drama with the duo Canet-Cotillard. Sophie and Julien play daring love/hate games since childhood. Bonus: you can choose your own story ending!

10. Dirty Dancing: 60's, summer and dance.

11. Moulin Rouge!: Baz Luhrmann is my favorite director, I love his artistic direction. This movie is full of glitters, singing, dancing, eccentric costumes and a lot of drama.  

12. The Little Mermaid: The mermaid princess Ariel falls in love with the handsome human prince Eric. Disney gives her a happy ending although Andersen killed her character in the original fairy tale. The music is influenced by Caribbean percussions and is perfect to sing along to:

What about you? What is your favorite on-screen romance? Let me know if you liked or disliked any of the suggestions above in the comments section below.

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