Gratitude #1

Gratitude #1

One of the keys to happiness is practicing gratitude. It helps us appreciate the good that surrounds us in the present moment. I exercise it on a daily basis through my Five minute journal but I rarely do a monthly check-up. This encouraged me to introduce my new monthly series: Gratitude. When we pause and reflect, we realize that there is so much to be thankful for. I firmly believe that joy comes from the little things so here are some of the things that made my month:



I grew up in Asia in the 90's and was very fond of Frutips, a chewy blackcurrant candy. This was the first foreign candy I had ever tried. I can still remember how I looked at it with curiosity the first time we bought it. I hadn't eaten or seen any in 20 years, until we visited a Chinese supermarket during the holidays. While browsing through the aisles of sweets, I stumbled upon it and was so excited. This brought back joyful and comforting memories from my childhood. I felt like I was 10 again: young and carefree!

Sunny Chilly Days

The Dutch winter can easily depress us with its shorter rainy gray days. Unlike the previous winters, we had a lot of sun. A jolly miracle and a good dose of vitamin D!

Fresh Tulips

Earlier this month, I had a bad day. My first instinct was to share my frustration and worries with B. I came home that day to these fresh tulips and it immediately lifted my mood. The season has only begun so I look forward to decorate our home with more flowers.


I hadn't practiced yoga since I left France in 2013 and I missed it a lot. I discovered a lovely studio in Den Haag with drop-in classes and I started taking lessons a few weeks ago. Yoga allows to me to reconnect with my mind and body. I fully embrace the yogi mindset because it's an excellent break from the corporate madness. It gives us space to live and be in a place where competition, deadlines, judgment, pressure and fears no longer matter.

Personal Growth: Quantum Living

I am a huge fan of the Lively Show podcast. This month, Jess brought on the table new fascinating topics:

Granted, these are not 'light' topics. If you are into wellness, intuition and flow: these three episodes are for you my friend!


Our society is so focused on busyness and achievements that we often forget to focus on what truly matters to us. I am testing this intentional approach to goal-setting, so far my Powersheets have helped me stay on track.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

B and I always appreciate some good music. Sometimes we sing together at home, he'll play along with his guitar while decoding the notes and I'll dance. This month, we were inspired by South African music. This piece is nice a collaboration between Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Paul Simon. 

Collateral Beauty

Whenever a movie with Will Smith is in theater, I know I am in for a good cry. This film tells the story of a father grieving over the death of his daughter. It definitely hit home. The cast is phenomenal and talented. Prepare some tissues and popcorn.

Pretty Bow

I received this beautiful packaging. I was more ecstatic about the box than its content. This pretty peach bow made me smile. It's all about the small touches!

Girl Time

Some months are socially quiet, especially when I am buried in projects or activities. The new year is always a good excuse to catch-up with friends that I haven't seen in months. I am happy to have spent some time with my local girlfriends.

My Brother

Photography is new to me. My brother recommended a DSLR camera for starters and I ran to the store on January 2 to buy it. Thanks Gauthier, with this camera I no longer had any excuse and it gave me the confidence to start publishing articles!


My month was marked by the launch of this blog. Thank you for reading me, I am grateful for your time and support!


I hope your January was joyful and if not, February is a new month to start fresh! 



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